Wolfgang Puck 3-Piece Boxed Carving Set

I think I’ll stick with my Kai Tan’s… I know, they don’t have a fancy box - but they get the job done…

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Oh no Mr. Bill. Not another Wolfgang Puke offering.

Mediocre reviews at Amazon, although this price looks great!


Hmm, even the fork is forged. You can pick up a fully forged carving knife at Target for $20, but you don’t normally get a fully forged fork included in this price range.

All the same, passing. I generally prefer a slicer over a carving knife myself.

I love youtube


I guess I understand now why the fork is out of the box in every picture I see… it doesn’t fit in the box. Interesting to note.

The amazon reviews complain about the serving fork not fitting in the box. The one review about the set says it is a fine set. It is a good price. About 1/2 off the amazon price and 2/3 the price at Bed Bath and Beyond.

It looks nice, but is it worth $24.99?

Let the kitchen knife snobbery commence…

How well does it work at carving zombies?

A carving knife without bevels along the blade to reduce drag and meat shredding. Comes with a fork that only amateur chefs would use to poke their meat with.

Yeah, I am going to have to pass on this one.

When did “two things and a box” become a “three piece set”? Enquiring minds want to know.

I am not a fan of the knife at all, but give it up to woot and their shipping. Ensuring this gets to you in time for Christmas dinner. Good on you

Really? I see notches for the handle and fork stabby things.

Forget the knife and fork set, I want to know where I can buy roasting bees, and how to find the recipe for roast bee!

If this thing is sharp enough to slice roast bee, I’m in for three!!


Uh, “tines” is the word you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Oh, and it’s actually a six piece set. Knife, fork, two hinges, closure and a box. Yeah, I have to agree, calling this a “three piece” set is cheating like mad.

I doubt that the tines on the fork are small enough to hold a roast bee in place while attempting to slice it.

Bed Bath & Beyond: $69.99

Sears: $31.49

HSN (when it was in stock): $29.99 with one 5 and 4 star review http://kitchen-dining.hsn.com/wolfgang-puck-3-piece-carving-set-with-wooden-box_p-5679500_xp.aspx

vs. $19.99 here.

The number of stabby things on an utensil allow one to distinguish between a knife and a fork. The knife has one ‘stabby thing’. The fork has more than one.