Wolfgang Puck 3-Piece Boxed Carving Set

If you watch the Youtube video, Wolfgang has an equally disdainful opinion of the fork. Maybe that’s why the box is designed the way it is, to lose the fork in transit.

THANK YOU! Couldn’t think of the name of those!

Eh, Puck picked the name. We just sell 'em.

I almost swoon when you talk all technical like that.

Hey, hey, hey, no swooning allowed tonight. We need everyone at peak working condition tonight.

Thought the same thing when I looked at the picture and only counted 2 items… then looked at the description to the right. Well, actually, I thought: “That’s bulldookey.”

Also, if I’m not going to be allowed to curse, it’ll be on my own terms, dangit. “That’s no egg nog” indeed.

Leave it up to Woot to ‘slice’ the price on this knife set.

This looks like fun…but it’s 2 pieces in a box…so not really a 3 piece set


There’s something funny-fantastic about Wolfgang Puck’s voice. I’d call this a 3 piece set AND buy it if the box had a bank of voice clips that played each time you opened it

What kind of steel? “High carbon” doesn’t say much.

So…what kind of fork would a pro chef poke is meat with?

I have been waiting all holiday season for Woot to put up its Shun Carving set that has been posted every year for atleast the last 3 and then this comes up, highly disappointed.

You may see them, but it seems the fork doesn’t actually “fit”. From the reviews I was finding, almost everyone agreed that the fork didn’t fit inside. It bounced around when carrying it, and it was needed to actually turn it on the side to get it in there at all.

so the fork may not fit in the box, the box shouldn’t be called the third piece in the set, blah blah blah. the real question is, does the single-stabby piece work well as a carving knife?

Is the fork stabby thing extra? Or is that one of the included items?!

Effing l.a.m.e, woot. Really, you’re listing the box as a piece? You’re verging on becoming one of those corporate puke-types. Unless that box doubles as a tenderizer, just say what this really is - a two-piece set.


And since when did woot start sensoring words like l a m e?

There was a time when being forged was an indication of quality, but that time is long past. Steel that is great for knives is now made in sheets and can be cut.

Faberware is forged.

Shun and Global are not.

Does this mean Faberware makes superior knives?

What do you expect for twenty bucks?

it fits in the box, see the video above