Wolfgang Puck Carbon Steel Roasting Set

this looks nice. too bad I just bought a roasting pan a few days ago. This one’s a better deal.

HOW…now, someone please tell me…HOW…in the name of GOD…could you get a 25lb turkey in this?? On it’s end?? Cut up in little pieces with the bones removed? Inside a small washtub to catch the drippings that would have NO room at all to actually fall into said pan…Has anyone ever actually SEEN a 25lb. turkey in one of these? Do they mean “…as long as it’s still frozen and rock hard and you are using this pan to transport it from one place to another”, but they ran out of room in the description bar?

I’m calling shenanigans.

Carbon steel… oh boy. Pretty sure Carbon is in every standard steel.

Don’t be so sure about this being a better deal. If those specs are to be believed, this is less than a millimeter thick.

That means just plain steel, as in not stainless.

I bought two. Plan to weld them together.

They mean its is carbon steel as opposed to stainless steel. In other words this will rust unless properly cared for.

I discovered Wolfgang Puck’s line of cookware several years ago by accident at TJ Maxx. I bought one just to try, and have since then slowly purchased all the rest piece by piece. They have fantastic heat distribution, they feel great in the hand, I abuse the damn things so much and they’re still perfect and perform well. I have a cheapie roasting pan with no rack, and have been looking for a new one. This is PERFECT.

OK, you convinced me. In for two.

I feel like such a lemming now…

I have a pan I have had for years,around this size,and have put a 27 pound Turkey in it,with no problem.If I needed a new pan,I would buy this one.