Wolfgang Puck Electric Grill/Griddle



MMM BACON on the grill


Ok, anyone tried this? it’s a great deal if it’s good, but I worry about the quality of anything pegged with Wolfgang Puck.

(also Rachael Ray or Paula Deen. Things Branded by Bobby Flay, Mario Batali and Emeril tend to be pretty good. Giada is hit or miss)


can it fry bacon?


Link to it on amazon:



It’s got to be better than the Deni Grill I bought a couple of Woot-Off’s ago… Came damaged and cheaply made, I didn’t even bother to plug it in.

This seems MUCH better quality… In for one :slight_smile:


On HSN there was a review:
“I had a old one from years back. It grills fine, but the teflon peeled off to much. This new one has stronger teflon, and it works great.”

I really hope this is one of the newer models as I just ordered one of these.


170 inches of griddle area means a decent number of sliders can be created simultaneously for my inner Oscar. Also the spatter shields and scraper tool are nice touches for my inner Felix.


With bacon!


Quality griddles/grills are expensive. I’ve had an earlier Wolfgang Puck one and its lasted 8 years. Darn good deal for 35. In for 1 for sure.


Thanks for the post and the reassurance that I didn’t waste money on this purchase :slight_smile: