Wolfgang Puck Kitchen



A coffeemaker, a lasagna pan - looks like you could really get a kitchen well outfitted. Anyone have experience with this brand they’d like to share?


Bought this last time around ,the coffee tastes horrible has a metal taste to it and is has a aftertaste if you use the filter that comes with it .If it made good tasting coffee it would be worth it but it is no where near the best cup of coffee ive ever had it is the probably the worst one ,when you see a half price item like this there is a reason they said it was for a leaking lid but the taste it horrible I dont know why I even ran water by itself through it several times no good. Never had a coffee pot give such bad tasting coffee


The link for the site isn’t formatted properly.


Fixed, thanks!


I have that griddle, it’s not too bad all things considered. Pretty good winter substitute for grilling. I really like the griddle side for pancakes and the like though.


Anyone have opinions on the Dutch Oven? (tee hee) Can’t really find any reviews on it.


Same here. Also, I know it’s a 3qt, but how tall, long is it?


buy now link isn’t working…

Never mind, its working now :slight_smile:


For $20 it was well worth the gamble. I don’t know the specs, just know my wife wanted one.

I’ve used WP stainless pans before and liked them very much. His stuff is usually pretty good quality, so I felt pretty safe buying in on this. Just debating if I want the Lasagne pan as well, though it is also smaller than I would like (9x13).


The coffee maker is the worst!
I bought one and it included a replacement lid. Both lids leaked and all the coffee ended up on my counter.


Tried to buy shears and the forward after clicking Buy said that this website cannot be supported. What is with that.


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I’ve been wanting the ceramic dutch oven for awhile now, I took the risk too, for $20 I’m sure I can find a use even if it turns out smaller than I wanted.


Looks a little different so woot’s may be an older version but the size should be similar. Reviews for it as well.


Looks like it’s worth a gamble.



Fond is flavor.


There may be more to your statement than just fond! I considered the 10" skillet to use as an omelet pan and checked the reviews on Amazon. Out of 10 reviews, EIGHT complained about the non-stick surface coming off after a few uses, many coupled with lousy customer service. Buyer beware!


Anyone know if the carbon steel roasting pan is nonstick coated? that’s a dealbreaker for me. But plain old carbon steel properly seasoned would be fantastic!


3 qt. would be a good size for a doubled “Glorious One-Pot Meal” recipe (Elizabeth Yarnell’s book). This looks like it has a metal lid knob, too - which is important for both “Glorious One-Pot Meals” and no-knead baking (both of which require high oven temps). I got a 3-qt. Tim Love Collection Dutch oven with metal lid knob from eBay a couple of years ago, but it cost $35.00 there - so Wolfgang Puck’s @$20 sounds like a great buy.
BTW, the roasting set @$25 sounds like a great buy, too - and (hopefully) better quality than something comparably-priced one might buy at the last minute just before Thanksgiving.


These are Puckin’ awesome!!! Sorry, somebody had to do it…