Wolfgang Puck Steamer

Why would anyone want to steam Wolfgang Puck? Does he need to be made soft, water infused, and hot?

$44.99 + free shipping on ebay. Not exactly sure on the condition though, it’s a bit confusing.


HSN Video http://www.hsn.com/kitchen-dining/wolfgang-puck-bistro-1400-watt-3-tier-rapid-food-steamer_p-6677032_xp.aspx

Do you need to have all three things attached to cook, or can I begin cooking one thing, add the second thing at an appropriate time, and a third thing later?

Not everything steams at the same speed…

Refurbished cooking appliances?


The manual is linked on the Features tab if that helps any.

*While Wolfgang Puck is a wonderful cook lately he’s become a corporate shill. I don’t think there is anything super special about the products he offers. Yes they work, they’ll do the job, but from what I have seen, heard, and read online, you’re usually paying more for a name.

I guess at woot’s price it’s enough to balance out the fact it’s overpriced. As always, keep your expectations in check and you should be fine.*

Edit: I was pleasantly surprised [read:shocked] when i read the reviews posted above.

I reluctantly eat my words and endorse this product.

I’d buy Wolfgang Puck lightening in a bottle–is it over on deals or somewhere?

Refurbished usually doesn’t mean “used”.

Indeed! Refurbished can mean MANY things.

Just bought one of these for 39.99 + free shipping, brand new, off ebay. Purchased for my mother and I to use and she loves it. The good reviews you find for this are rightly given. From only using one level to all three at once, we’ve gotten wonderful results. Nom the noms.

Have you seen him lately? He’s pretty wrinkled.

This response seems rather inappropriate, bordering on irresponsible, coming from a staff member regarding a legitimate concern. It’s one thing to say that a TV or a laptop is refurbished, and may or may not have been used by another person. It is another thing entirely to say that equipment dealing with food, used to prepare food for our sons and daughters, have been exposed to unsafe or hazardous environment. (Perhaps it has been properly sterilized by the company, and is safe for use?)

Oh puhhhhlease! Bordering on irresponsible? Our sons and daughters could do with a little more dirt and grime in their lives. I personally feed mine a spoonful a day…

… Seriously though, throw it through a high temp wash and it’s clean. Modern day first-world man is way overly concerned with sterility.

Uhm, did you read the post that I linked? It notes that most reasons that something is classified as refurbished have nothing to do with it being used and returned. I’m not saying that’s the case with this item but I’m not saying it’s not either.

It’s a steamer–steam is the stuff hospitals use to sterilize the surgery tools–it’s 212 degrees Fahrenheit hot. Besides I always wash my kitchen tools when I bring them home from the store…you weren’t planning on washing this before you use it?

After dinner, here’s an activity book I’d recommend:


BPA Free?


Not exactly. The autoclaves used in hospitals are under pressure and reach about 250 degrees. They also run for about fifteen or twenty minutes, which may be longer than one steams some foods.

I don’t disagree that refurbished food service items should be fine as long as one properly washes them, which one should always do, anyway; I just like accurate data.