Wolfking Trooper 2200dpi Gaming Mouse


lol at price…its the debil!!

It’s the Gaming Mouse of the Beast!

I heard buster posey bought 3 of these

Nice price

lol hivemind

The devil’s number…

whats the 5 dollar coupon?

Ohhh. 666

They knew it was better than 99.9

“The number of the BEAST” sing it everyone…

Convenience: Forward/Back buttons accelerate your gaming control

^^ what’s that?

I’m pretty sure all mice go to heaven… Oh wait, thats dogs.

I’m investing in pork futures instead.

a special product for our satan worshipers out there…thats right put down that pentagram and grab yourself a mouse. wiki how to slay a goat ten times faster. The dark lord hates a slow mouse

Damn…I paid 40 bux new for one of these about a 6 months ago…ugh.

or devil

Really from 2007?

Apparently the Wolfking is originally from hell, by way of Cleveland.

NOT buying strictly cuz of the price.