Wolfking Trooper 2200dpi Gaming Mouse

In for 6. The devil made me do it.

These guys are serious about rapid fire, the usb cable has a choke on it.

it’s a good mouse. use your code on it and it’s a sure deal

I din’t know mice had tails anymore

… it looks like a ford fiesta.

this IS the first woot off since Amazon bought woot

price on amazon is 35 - 39… this will sell VERY quickly!

in for 3 hellions.

This will go perfectly with my SofaKing Awesome computer I bought off the last wootoff

Looks like my Logitech, wonder if it’s as good?

O’Snap… wootoff!! So’long good night’s sleep

I love the description! Especially how the c and l in the word “click” appear to form a “d”!

lol 6.66 …

I have this mouse, its a good mouse although i don’t really like the ‘rapid fire’ thing, it doesn’t click it fast enough (i can double/triple/quadruple click faster then it can)

Setting the DPI is nice

Another down is the mouse wheel won’t go left/right

Most likely on the fly dpi changing that makes your mouse response time faster or slower.

I would be more than happy to pay 6.65…

An epic victory for silly superstition!

Similar one offered on Woot in June

this mouse is worse than michael jackson

Bought two of the black version of this a while back. Used it for 20 minutes, it stopped working. Used the other one and it worked fine. Decided to try the original one a few days later and magically it worked again. Hasn’t given me any problems since. I like these, they’re a little big so if you have small hands, prob not a good purchase.

If you’re a gamer thinking a mouse will make all the difference… you suck.