Wolfking Trooper 2200dpi Mouse with Rapid Fire Button

But it’s wired…

rapid fire button + woot-off = chorizo?

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Does it also include unlimited ammo to go with the rapid fire?

Those are some spiffy-looking mice! The red and black theme would go great with my living room ;D

A Review

Why do we call something sent by car a “shipment” and something sent by ship a “cargo?”

Great looking mouse, too bad I got a really nice gaming mouse.

Wired is the way to go for gaming mice.

2200 dpi is a really high DPI, great for games.

Looks like a good value, but doesnt beat my SideWinder x8

I don’t mind wired, I mind that it is right-handed. Besides, it is a mouse. Give me more trackballs!

why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?

Wireless mouse are for the faint of heart. and L4d2 is not.

a review

This looks a lot like the Logitech MX518… anyone know if there’s a connection of some kind?

How long of a cord is on this?

Anyone else still getting the “I Want one” 1 hour shirt.woot detour button when they click the blog page? >_>

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Commute accomplished. sweet.