Wolfking Trooper MVP Laser Gaming Mouse

7 million clicks? So that is what, one Diablo 2 play-through?

these are mostly discontinued on most sites i googled

though 7 buttons, i dont see why a person couldnt create a cool macro or two for em all…

From benchmarkreviews.com


  • 2400 dpi Avago laser engine
  • On-the-fly sensitivity switching
  • Ergonomic design
  • 3 Fire modes
  • 6.4 Megapixel/sec. image processing
  • Long button life - up to 7 million clicks


  • Cord is too short (60")
  • Speed and fire buttons are poorly placed
  • Black is the only color choice

•Presentation: 8.25
•Appearance: 9.50
•Construction: 8.75
•Functionality: 9.00
•Value: 9.25
Final Score: 8.95 out of 10

In for one, I’ve been looking for a decent mouse with more buttons than my carp sun default mouse.

nap time

i have been looking for a gaming mouse and this one seems perfect

so let me get this straight
its got a 60" cord, so thats a con…pic doesnt look like it


155.343 miles = 250 kilometers

i dont get it at all…

Is it just me, or does the C and the L seem awfully close together under specifications?

Perhaps they’re trying to hint at…





good review

sman666… you joined in 2005 and haven’t seen anything you wanted yet?

you are one picky shopper.

Anyone know how this is compatible with Linux? Since it’s PnP it should be all good, just curious if there’s any driver I need to worry about.


Was going to comment on the 5 feet cord being short, too… And the pic of it.

and after maybe a year or 2 of being on here and never buying anything… FIRST BUY! Looks like a good deal to me… at least compaired to this old ass logitech

I have this (1 yr), I love it. I’m in for 2 more.

Been looking to replace my aging and button messing mouse since a year ago. I think I may have found my product. My mouse is a GigaWare from radioshack, so I hope I’ll like this one. I especially wanted one with multiple buttons other than the standard 3. And this mouse is cheap! The cheap radioshack one is $27! This is only $15 after shipping! So, couldn’t pass up. So now I’m going to pwn in Day of Defeat: Source now, right guys?!

I had this mouse, I gave it a try back around when CS:S CAL closed down. I attempted to play in main devision with this mouse but the accuracy sucked!!! Gave it to my sister and it broke while she was carrying it. . . .

I bought two of these in last week’s Happy Hour. They came in yesterday and I used one of them for maybe 15 minutes while playing a video game, and after that, it completely stopped working. Went through all the troubleshooting I could think of but nothing worked. Tried the second one I bought and I used it for several hours and it still seems to be working okay.

I emailed Wolfking tech support because their website had no information about an RMA process, a small blurb about a limited warranty and an option to email tech support.

Edit: There were some pros to the mice, however. The shape was very ergonomic and felt nice in my hand, although, if you have small hands, it might be a challenge to use. The cord is a little short, but not so short that it’s unusable. I liked the DPI and rapid fire toggles. It seemed very responsive as well (while it worked, anyway).