Wolfking Warrior Game Pad Keyboard

Good review.


Probably not the best for a MMORPG if you like to chat at all unless you are very creative with your spelling.

Yeah, a 3.5 on a 10 point scale maybe. I had one and it wouldn’t register hits if you hit too fast. Guess that’s a result of being one of the top speed drummers eh? Next Woot!

Hardcore gamer here. There isn’t one.

Pros use the entire keyboard and know by feel where each key is ;).

You’re really going downhill, Woot.

can you switch these to dvorak instead…? it seems a bit odd to have a one handed keyboard with qwerty…

I got one of these when they first came out a few years ago. I absolutely love it. I play City of Heroes, and having all the keys in one, easy access place makes things way smoother. I probably don’t even use half of the ones that are on there, but it makes moving about and using abilities much easier. I can see this being great for FPS, other MMORPGs, or even an RTS. So long as you can program the keys, you can use this. They keys all map to regular characters on the keyboard, too, so you don’t need to figure out that it’s something like “alt_button_7_2” or something.

Also, because it’s a separate piece from the keyboard, you can move it wherever you like when not playing. (This is a comment in comparison to the gaming keyboards that have a similar thing attached to the left of the main keyboard.)

I wish I could have picked my color when it came out. I thought about Wooting just to get a new color. :slight_smile: I paid about $40 for mine when I got it, so this is a great price. I recommend it for anyone that games on their PC.

EDIT to comment on someone saying that this isn’t very responsive. I haven’t had any issues of that sort. It’s as responsive as any other keyboard. I should also say that I’ve since gotten a gaming keyboard, but still prefer to use this when I play. Well worth the $15.

I had one and used it for a long time. Did take a little getting used to to however, especially if you are a l33t n00b FPS slayer like myself. The circular key layout is effective but tricky to master. Be sure to remember that this takes up space on your desk - more than you think. I always had to move it out of the way when I needed to ‘work.’

I can recommend it overall however - I bought one several years ago and it’s still kicking, though I hardly ever play anymore (damn babies). Great deal considering I paid $50 for mine back in '06. For $20 I’d snag one if I didn’t have one already. Cheap gift idea as well.

No software needed - it’s just recognized as a USB device/keyboard (in XP). No need to unplug your current keyboard or anything like that.



not a hardcore or softcore gamer at all but the write up was hilarious…i’m thinkin “Woot…The Movie”

I my gosh I just realized you can buy four different colors, throw them on the flor and play TWISTER!!!I mean Wolfking Twister. Go to sleep.

My Holy Priest will be unstoppable! Thanks, WolfKing Warrior!

I’ve read one of the reviews about this gamer saying that he had a hard time feeling where the keys were so he taped the W key to know where the others were.

4 biggest letdowns:

  • keys are not backlit

  • theres no raised bump on any key (i use this to position my hand after a reach w/o having to look down)

  • i use “y”, “b” and “v” as key binds

  • yellow is pictured, but not an option :[

how does someone type with one of these if all the keys aren’t on it?

I remember back when the Atari 2600 Joystick was complicated.

I have the wolfking keyboard (it has the circle and a regular keyboard) and I have to say that the extra keys are great for gaming. There is a steep learning curve though, but it only took me about a week to get going good with it.

That’s green, not yellow. And yes it’s available.

does this work with a MAC?

There is a tilde key, between the alt and ctrl all the way in the bottom left. For a better picture of the key layout, check wolfking’s site.

It should be Mac compatible, though I can’t find anything for sure. The device appears to connect as a standard, HID-compliant keyboard. Anyone know for sure?

it’s in the lower-left corner, next to the ‘M’.

joeguinness wrote:Where’s the tilde?! What if I need to tilde the carp out of some zombies!

tilde is in bottom left above alt, nice and big for you console users