grats on print but def pass on shirt

My first thought was that this was dumb. But the longer I look the more I like it.

I actually love the design of the little forlorn werewolf guy. However as much as I like this shirt, I am trying to hold out to see what else is in store for the Hallowoots. I am hopeful there will be a cool grass or kelly green colored Hallowoot coming up. If not, I may go back and purchase this one. I am mainly holding out because I already have several brown Woots.

Congrats to the artist. :slight_smile:

pay the $5 more to have it overnighted. Not the best solution, but it’s a solution nonetheless if you really like it.

howllllllingly cute but I’ll pass
I also hoped for a halloween derby…bummer
maybe next year??

Oh… I see what they did there… see… he’s a Werewolf… so like they say, hey WHERE were YOU Wolf… and it’s like funny because Werewolf sounds like Where Wolf and that’s like… that’s why this shirt is good or something.

I’m really tired and maybe thats why i dont get it…

its cute but i wont buy

i got my random shirts!!! but instead of 3 i only got 2!!! sup with that woot??? (i like em though… thanks!)

thank you thank you thank you. you just made my day.

my last name is wolf, woot!

Oh… I see what you did there… because your user namne is like nhojflow, but like… see… if you turn it around, it’s like John Wolf… and that’s like… that’s why this shirt is good… or something

That was like the best explanation of like anything I think I might have ever…you know, like read.

Right, like WHERE, and like, WOLF… see… and uh, like… that’s like why this is … like a good shirt, or something.

cant fool you one bit. or something.

Ahh, I laughed out loud when I saw this.

Not something I’d wear though.

Yeah, see… the shirt has WHERE and WOLF and like, it has a WereWolf… so like… so that makes it a good shirt. Because like that’s clever or something.

No Thanks.

I wonder if this Hallowoot theme is going to keep up everyday till next Friday.

Wow, I like the concept.

If only the wolf looked a bit better, this would’ve been my first woot. ><

Blah, I really didn’t even notice it was a Halloween shirt until I read a comment here in the forums. I thought I’d be buying all of em’ if there were more but I’ll pass on this. How about Trick or Treat?

got one.

I’m grabbin one because I always seem to be asking this question with my friends…

I just read the “Wear this…” and it is exactly why I’m wearing it :slight_smile:

That’s exactly why I bought one too!