Women's Callaway Golf

Men shoes are in the other sale! How comfy are these shoes?

I bought the Hyperbolic SL shoes last time they were on sale and wish I had ordered a half size up. They’re still wear-able for my feet but they are a little tight. Overall a great shoe (especially for $25!) but they run a little small.

I bought the White/Silver Hyperbolic’s a few sales back and had to buy the black ones the next time they came around. Absolutely love them. Possibly the most comfortable golf shoes I own (and FootJoys are tough to beat). In regards to size, I ordered my regular size and they fit perfect.

Thank you so much for the post - I was wondering about sizing. I’m in!

I typically wear a size 8.5, but I also have some sneakers that are size 9. I purchased a size 8.5 in the hyperbolic black and a size 8.5 in the hyperbolic blue in the last sale. The blue pair is easily half a size to small, but the black pair fits just fine. This variability probably explains why one person says that they run small and another says they are true to size.
Since the blue pair didn’t fit, I didn’t bother to open the black pair until tonight. It’s too bad I had already re-ordered them both in a size 9 earlier today. I guess I’ll get to see how consistent the size 9 is soon. Best case: 3 of 4 pairs fit. Worst case: 1 of 4 pairs fits.

Summary: Sizing is inconsistent. If you’re debating between 2 sizes, you might want to order both.

Bought the blue hyperbolic SL shoes last time. I’m almost always an 8 in dress shoes, 8.5 for athletic shoes, so I got the 8.5. Absolutely love them! I tend to get blisters easily, but made it through 9 holes on a chilly and somewhat wet morning with no problems. If I weren’t so new to the golf world, I would buy another pair just to have on hand. $25 + shipping was a great price.