Women are farking crazy

I decided to have a woman join my life, and being that I’m an insane biker during the summer, and an internet recluse during the times I can’t ride - I joined plenty of fish.

48 hours later I was being raped by a woman that loved every bit of me, and then stopped talking to me 9 days later. I got blocked for reassuring a woman near my home that she was better than she made herself out to be.

I have more stories, but I’m gonna say this - Internet dating sites are the worst ever place to be if you’re looking for someone to live life with.

And before you newbies come chomping, I was here when woot forums were fun.

You know, KT was available for a long time.
How is the dog?

Oh, yeah, for all the newbies, I didn’t read anything he wrote.



Still available in TX.


More mature woman perhaps? :tongue:

KT Needs a nice guy, not an evil lemming like me - altho I did fantasize :slight_smile: .

The Dogs are fine. Spirit is majestic, laid back, and extremely cool, Beaker, the catahoula hog dog rescue pup is uptight, nervous, home defensive, and needing massive amounts of attention, but is really cool too.

Thanx for asking.

did you bring cheeto’s?

I just have to agree with the title of this thread! Even though I find myself a member of the female gender (or maybe because of it) there is no way to deny that women are absolutely crazy.

Thank you, and I’m going to ask you to vet all my emails from now on to help me avoid the really crazy ones.

I want someone here at home that don’t mind riding or steering a motorcycle, and loves dogs. I’m getting slapped around for daring to look …

I’m sure I can find some.
But my dog might have eaten them
I have to get a picture someday. There is a guy at the dog park that brings his dog in a sidecar on his motorbike.

True, KT is a cat person.
You are more of a dog person.
Plus he cooks!

When he isn’t blowing things up.

Yes, Cats will get eaten around the pups.

And my smoked hams are now world famous (not joking) .

As for blowing things up, this 4th of july was canceled by the city because of fog , but my display was watched by most of the town. We were popping off 4-10 inch mortars out of my back yard.

I did end up taking a one inch mortar to the chest - next time we’ll use 5 gallon buckets with sand to keep the cakes from spinning out of control.

Ah, yes. The flaming salad days.

Where the heck did you come from???
Are all the misfits lurking?

a few years ago, this thread would of been past thirty comments by now.

And yes, i’m being an a s s to the jerk who thinks that over moderating was a good thing to do.



Hmmmm. Story there? I’ll get you started…

Once upon a time, there was a …


I’m one of those jerks that sees a line, pees on it, dances about, and waits for the milk maid to whine about what I said.

And I’m real sorry if you’re an rename of an old friend, but thunder thighs always meant to me someone who could rattle the walls better than me when it came to paying for the chili with beans.

It is Daj, if you know her.
I don’t remember if she was here when you left.

Was DA59 and then DAJ59 before that.

Sorry, no recollection, and honestly, no affront wanted.

Yeah, I think you disappeared before I appeared. I’ve only been staff for about 6 weeks though.