Women are farking crazy


Heh…No, not really. There’s more than one way to fight, wouldn’t you agree?


Only if one lets ones guard down.


I suspect a few deep breaths and a little panting, you’ll be putty. :wink:


Yes, putty.

All the old timers here will tell you how peaceful and non violent and most of all putty I am.

It’s not like I set fire to people, or explode them, or take out contract kills or anything…

Ask AzGman, or KT , or anyone.

that’s me, an old softie…


Oh no…soft wouldn’t play a role in you being putty.

Not at all.


hard putty? Like c-4?


Yeah; a downright cuddly lap-lemming spoiled with cheeto-flavored bon-bons!!!


Malleable, at any rate.

Pretty sure the vending machine has cheetos. Maybe even Jalepeno-Cheddar ones, to go with the spicy theme!


Who do I write the check out to again?