Women are farking crazy


See that’s gotta be the problem, you and dname making too much of an authoritative presence around here. . . . that and the eternal banishment of Zilla.

Or it could be that there are too many woot sites and everyone sticks to their particular site if they chat at all.

Screening emails sounds like it could be amusing. Much more so if alcohol was involved.


Hi, DM.

I keep hearing that there seems to be a lot of overmodding going on, but nobody seems to know who’s doing it.

Edit: Tell you what, round up the rodents and we’ll march on Carrollton.


Damn, killed the thread!


You wantz me to disappears then? :wah:


no, besides, I think dname has threatened to probate your threads too. Just sayin’ things have gotten a lot more proper around here over the last year.


Yeah, really, there’s not many 13 year olds here and even if they are, they probably are used to a lot more than’s being deleted.


The things 13 year olds are used to would probably make most people’s heads explode. I didn’t consider myself sheltered, but it didn’t cross my mind to send naked pics of myself to my friends and guys I thought were cute.

SILLINESS: Randomly quoted posts of no particular significance.

//sticks head in sand


Wow, DM, haven’t seen you in a long time!
And I agree, internet dating sites are weird.
It’s hard to meet quality people sometimes.
I have a Harley Ultra Classic for sale… 2003 Anniversary edition, if you’re interested in a bigger bike.


Zilla did himself in.
None of the bad boys have a problem with the girl mods.
Matter of fact, I met Zilla and so did Tall.
Same with pblgov.
and maybe DM too. (didn’t meet them)

It turns into some sort of male thing with them and the guy mods.
Plus Ace, Gimma, Tall, Me, Daj, came from the forums and already had relationships with these guys.

One of my first notes from Gatzby was don’t even bother asking about letting one of them back.

The only bad boy who didn’t get into a pissing match with the male mods or gods was ARGH. He got away with stuff all the time.


The reason being, my dear d’name, is that his intellect had progressed far beyond junior high.


I cook, clean, ride…wait…wut? No newbies?

You’re probably too short for me anyway.


You mean. . . . guys can do that???


Ya know, I think I’m sensing the opportunity for another woot sub-site: singles.woot.com

Just watch out for some of those refurbished/recalled units…


And it seems some will never attain that goal


HEY! I resemble that remark!


I understand. . . I was just throwing fuel.

Consider me punished, I had a nightmare I was replying to one of your posts and found I could edit it instead, that I’d been made a mod without being notified, it terrified me!


You’re right, I shouldn’t pick on the refurbs. A lot of them are just as good as new and I’m sure most people would much rather have a refurbed-but-functional mp3 player instead of some brand-new-but-useless USB toy or pretty-but-waaay-too-expensive knife set.


I long abandoned such lofty goals.


I never go around mirrors