Women are farking crazy


Hard to walk around the mirror attached to the wall.


Ah, right, completely disregarding his obsession with big boobs and the bigger, the better.


Hey, you don’t see that in junior high.


We’re talking 12, 13, 14 year olds here. You think they’re not looking?


Oh they look. . . there’s only a few years between breastfeeding and junior high/late elementary school where they don’t look.

Then when they stop looking again, it’s time to put the nails in the coffin.


That was true waaaaay before Internet dating sites came into the picture.

(Said a farking crazy female.)


I’m back?

um, hi acemom, and the rest.

Be warned, I have a bottle of patron silver on the desk tonight, AND I’M NOT AFRAID OF USING IT!

So like BACK OFF, nobody will get hurt - cept maybe me in the morning…

But that’s tomorrow! So like

uh. Hi?


If it helps, I’m hung like a gerbil!


My buddy down the street that rides with me has an ultra classic, It’s a nice bike but too high of maint, and too high of repairs.

I’m looking into getting a triumph rocket 3 touring.


Hey, DM, buddy, friend, CHEF!!! I posted a problem a few minutes ago over on PWA, maybe you could help?


uh - ok?


Okay, I don’t know if you went there to look, but I’ll post it again. Making Kalua pig. Recipe - pork shoulder, rub with red Hawaiian sea salt, then liquid smoke. Put in crockpot for 14 hours. Take out, pull apart, put drippings in freezer so you can take the fat out, back in the crockpot for a couple more hours. Nobody told me about the big bone and it wouldn’t fit in the crockpot so I had to cut it up. Now how do you rub lots of small pieces with the sale and smoke?



If that’s the recipe, i’d run screaming from it.

I wouldn’t worry about rubbing it if it’s a crock pot, they seal, so you’ll end up with salty bad smoke tasting overcooked pork. Just toss it all in without the bone, and add a bit of water. If you want the fat out, then yeah, go ahead and fridge it, but pork is really freaking lean nowadays, so if you trim the fat layers, you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

If you have time, you can actually smoke it - all you need to do is throw a temp probe in it,salt it, use a grill and keep the temp up around 220 (for real good) or 300 (quicker done), and set the alarm for 165.

go to menards or ace or any grill place and get hickory wood chunks. Grab a pound or two of the wood chunks and wrap tightly in tin foil, puncture the top side with a fork a few times, and place directly on the heat source, replace everytime the smoke stops, and wait till it hits the temp on the meter.


No time. This is supposed to taste just like a pig done in a pit in Hawaii without digging a hole in your backyard. It had hundreds of good reviews. Maybe if I get my grass skirt out, no one will notice the taste.


Remember, this is salt, and generic smoke liquid.

I wish you luck, and will respectfully decline attending the taste test.


Oh, yeah, a lot of people said to put an unpeeled banana on top while in the crockpot.


That’s just, odd! huh.

My dad used to use liquid smoke in his bbq sauce, and some other things.


On top of the crock pot? or on top of the food?

If it’s on top of the crock pot, you’re reading the wrong sites. I would also suggest air striking the area, and anyone who did a “rah rah rah” of putting a banana on top of a crock pot lid.

That said, If it’s on the meat, and that’s your plan to cook it, I would definitely add the banana to soak up salt and add flavor notes. Altho, I would start to want to also add pineappple and sugar. Maybe even some ketchup.


On top of the meat in the crockpot.

And, no, this is not bbq. I don’t like bbq.

I may be running to the store for a spiral sliced ham tomorrow afternoon. We’ll see what it tastes like after the first 14 hours.


Good Luck! The bannana sounds odd - but soaking up the excess salt sounds smart. Maybe it will help with the Hawaiin flavor. Wonder if they use bannana leaves when they roast the whole pig…

I am betting it will turn out good.