Women are farking crazy


The Mexican method uses banana leaves. I hope it’s save-able poof.


We’ll find out tomorrow afternoon.


Weird. My username and password still works!

Hey everyone.

Hey DM.

I thought I would take a minute to chime in here since my name has popped up and I have some experience in this arena…

Plentyoffish.com? Oh, I have re-dubbed that site - plentyoffelons.com.

I joined the site sometime in the summer. I got a fair amount of responses and met a few men from the site. None of long term or quality, though. I’m not sure if it is because it is a free site that the quality sucked or what? I also joined “Match.com” & “Catholicsingles.com” but did not find anyone I liked to even meet from either site.

  • The first “man” I met was a year younger than me (36) & had a four year old daughter with a brain tumor for whom he signed his rights away. I didn’t find out until the third “date” in that he had 18 arrests. I searched his name through google and it came up 3 separate times in the local police logs - warrant, warrant arrest and arrest for causing more than $250 worth of damage to personal property.

I approached him with the information and that is when I found out about the other arrests. Apparently, he also had some domestics, restraining order violations and narcotics issues in his recent past. He was in jail twice including once in the same jail at the same time as the “shoe bomber.” I ran far, far away from this guy. He still has my cell phone number though…and texts me from time to time.

The second guy (44) I met on plentyoffish.com “only” had 5 arrests. LOL! He was a former alcoholic who apparently hit his ex-wife. He was still in AA when we dated. He had a 16 year old son (incidentally - neither guy said “yes” to having children in their profile). Under “smarts” he said he had a “Master’s” but later found out he was a “Master Mechanic.” He truly was a nice guy, but was not looking for anything serious…just wanted to get his freak on. He was okay to date until he left me waiting in his driveway one night for an hour and then told me he wasn’t “going to be able to make it.” He persistently texts me even though I have told him I am in a new relationship.

The third guy I met from plentyoffish.com was married, I think. I quizzed him several times about it, but he denied being married. When we met, he kept moving the venue…three times, actually. He kept texting me “send me sexy pic.” I think he was some crazy guy who collected pics and voice clips of women. Bizarre.

I also have had exchanges with guys I didn’t meet. If I have time, some other time, I will tell you about a crazy tree cutter…

I guess the good news is that I have met someone, Justin. He’s a year younger than me (36), he’s a twin and has a non-custodial 11 year old son. We’ve been dating since October 31st. It is going well. I have my eyes wide open this time, though. I have my concerns, particularly about any debt he might have. He’s talking about babies and marriage. I am not quite there yet. Maybe someday. I need to make sure it is the right fit all the way around.

I wish you good luck, DM. Be careful with the plentyoffish site…it’s an interesting place to be, but fraught with landmines.


P.S. I will PM you with my cell if you ever need someone to text about this kind of stuff.


Well, I haven’t been arrested yet, altho several world governments are frantically hunting me down, And I do have a doctorate in Evil, so like I have that going for me. Debt I can take care, a few evil schemes, holding the world ransom, maybe blowing up a chunk of territory, and that usually covers the initial investment for for items, and leaves some left over for cheetos , and the occasional woot purchase.

And thank you for sending me your number, I can now clone that and have another persona to hide behind. If someone calls and asks about a giant “LASER” beam, tell them you have no idea what they are talking about. It’ll be better if you use an irish accent when replying. maybe dutch. Dutch - Irish?



Hi, KT, I have missed you!
Yes, be careful of people you meet in online dating sites!
I dated a guy for a year and a half (met online) and finally found out he had issues with $$, also it eventually came out that he was addicted to prescription pain-killers.
NO MORE online dating sites for me!
I’d rather be alone than deal with this stuff ever again.


Glad you found someone nice KT!


In proportion to body size? Or in direct comparison of said hanging bits?

And is it necessary to inquire regarding how you compare fuzz wise?


Hey, I’m lemming - and what’s wrong with fuzz? Just make sure to use fabric softener in the winter time - last time I forgot, some star trek dork grabbed and kept yelling “A tribble A tribble!!!”

Stupid static…




Ah, so off-use storage wouldn’t be a problem, just a good rubbing and stick you to ceiling. Convenient!

How are you at oil changes and mowing the grass?


HEY! I’m not a balloon!

As for the oil change - I switch from my spring mix to my fall mix like clockwork - helps keep the mustache pointy.

And I don’t need to mow - that’s what flamethrowers are for.
(scarily enough - I do own one - Mwah hahahh ahahhahahahah!)


So that’s a no to rubbing and blowing, huh?

It’s important to use the appropriate viscosity for the season. Reduces drips.

And that, sir, is a definite point in your favor.


Uhh, let’s not be too hasty here… I can reconsider…

Viscosity is definitely a factor in many things.

Yay me!


We can leave it on the table until you’re satisified.

More effective lubrication, of course.


Yes, It’s important to consider all of these options…

We should find time to sit down and discuss this.

At least before the woot censors detect something and start the alarms blaring.


Static electricity alleviation and proper vehicle maintenance might trigger the censors?

Huh. Good to know.


Yeah, everytime they hit that woot cellar - they randomly choose things that change what you type, store in a secret server, and wiretap your house.

I tried typing BOC one day and ended up in a gulag in

oh crap, here they come…



Duck and cover?

Serve with a nice chianti?


Duck with Chianti - hmmm…

Sounds like a plan!
I’ll bring the candles!


I’ve got candles, you bring the flamethrower.