Women are farking crazy


Not a problem! I’ll put a fresh tank on it.

If you need anything melted, well, we’re talking 2000 degrees :wink: So no marshmallows, unless they’re made of steel.


Get a burrow, for criminy sakes!!!



It’s being fumigated, can we borrow your couch?


Hush. This is the best read I’ve had in a long time.

//goes for popcorn



//starts sniffing


//smacks away a fresh lemming


Carmel corn is better.

And I can take the heat, so long as you have the stamina!




Carmel corn? Is it cheeto flavored?

stamina – isn’t that that thing that sticks up in the flower?

//google search

Oh, never mind - that’s stamen - I always get the two confused



So that’s what the kids are calling it these days.


Sure! But don’t forget the flamethrower; I’ll need to borrow it after!!


Hey, I stopped shedding two weeks ago!


It’s not the fur that concerns me.


Take it outside folks,


And the true purpose of plastic couch covers becomes more and more apparent.


Oooh, exhibitionism - even better!


It’s a lovely day to head to the beach!




Aren’t you always exhibiting your bits or do they make lemming-sized britches?


Welcome to SoCal…Sunnier now than any other time of the year.