Women's Agiato Leggings

I would like to point out, if I had a 32 inch waist and were buying jeans, I would buy a size 14. That is what is considered EXTRA EXTRA LARGE these days? I am completely insulted by this sizing.

Yup. But note: Made in China
Asian sizing is very different from Western. So yeah, a 32 inch waist is XXL in their world of fashion. I just went through this with clothes I was looking at on Amazon.

I looked at the display pictures of the leggings. I did.

Hopefully that’s the unstretched size and they’re just very very very stretchy… but probably not

I’ve had some issues with made in China leggings recently, all seem to be made for someone 4’ tall. 27" is not enough to even fit into mid-calf boots.

I came in here just to see if I was the only one stupified by that sizing chart. Thank god I’m not that out of touch.