Women's Bliss 10-Pack Underwear

Ok, I’ll be the first. Mom?!?

Sure those are women?
Those narrow hips look like juniors to me.
Not that I look at juniors…

Most models are still smaller than average human beings.

The posts in this thread are nauseous and sexist.

I would buy a guy’s underwear titled Bliss. Probably be way to excited about it too.

Any word on how the briefs fit?

They are photo shopped up the wazzoo… Forget about fat vs thing, how about real vs an artists impression.

Curious too, my g/f’s underwear is getting quite holey and needs new stuffs, I think I might get some for her.

Because you asked…


They are, and I’m sorry. For the most part I don’t love deleting posts- but I think from here on I’m going to be more judicious with deleting unnecessary and off-topic fat-shaming/sexist/creepy posts.


Ahh, the classics…

I thought only guys kept underwear until nothing remained but the elastic top?