Women's Cell Phone Crossbody Wallet Pouch

Women's Cell Phone Crossbody Wallet Pouch

I guess in this day and age, I wonder why we are assigning something as usable by only one gender.


Wish it would have gave details on the size/model of phone it will hold.


That’s the first thing I thought too. They’ll catch on eventually when they figure out it would be better for their bottom line.


What size phone does this carry? What is the material it is made from? Help us out here.

Morning all. This should be added to the sale shortly.

Phone slot measures 7.5’‘H x 3.5’’ which should fit most mobile devices.
Material is made from PU leather


Tactical phone pouch!

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I can’t believe they are discriminating against older people who “CANT DO APPS”! OR anyone for that matter! Stupid marketing idea and they just lost a sale from me and probably more. Keep in mind “WOOT” many of us older folks have money to spend as we choose!

Oh, I see the 1970’s cigarette case got an upgrade :upside_down_face:

I know right? They were also selling violin cases which discriminates against people that can’t play the violin. :crazy_face:

The card slots are sewn in such a way that a standard credit/debit card does not fit in any of the slots on the left side of that divider. They only fit on the right side column of slots.

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