Women's CVT LS (2 Colors)

For anyone interested in Vibram FiveFingers: See the comments under the “CVT LS” style for information that may be useful to everyone. Since I wrote them I think they’re helpful but you’ll have to decide. It’s just that the old system Woot used to use provided a comments section that applied to the entire category instead of by individual item. This new idiotic system Woot has gone to about comments only pertaining to each item negates us from seeing info. that applies and is useful to anyone interested in any of the items in the category, unless we just ‘happen’ to look under a particular item’s comments section that has useful info. for all.

I’m with you 1000 percent, been complaining about the “change” on woot plus since the get. I hate it! Put a thread on woot community under ‘Comment Forum’ not too many folks are saying much. For sure, not whining about it like me. I just think the change took away a cool part of shopping on woot.