Womens Parka Jacket w/ Detachable Hood

Womens Parka Jacket w/ Detachable Hood

The Women’s Parka Jacket w/ Detachable Hood (Womens Parka Jacket w/ Detachable Hood) arrived today, and I am having some difficulties with it.

  1. The most important problem is that the dual zipper is VERY hard to operate.

  2. I was unable to find a size chart when I was ordering, because instead of being near the place where I would select a size, it was hiding with the various images of the parka. I only found it today. If I had seen that chart, I might have ordered a Large instead of a Medium, because I would be wearing it over layers of clothes.

  3. The waist adjustments sit 2 or 3 inches above my actual waist, so they are not really useful.

  4. The parka is clearly going to be warm enough for very cold weather, but it is quite heavy. I’m not certain why. The fill is 70% down and 30% polyester. Is down a lot heavier than polyester?.

At any rate, I am having some pretty mixed feelings about this purchase. It is a nice, warm parka, and looks nice on the hanger. But if I had been able to try it before buying, I might very well have not bought it. Is the parka returnable for a refund?


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