Women's Wave Rider 21 GTX

Mizuno Wave Rider 21 GTX

I have the rider 20 GTX shoes and I really like them for running in the winter. Keeps my feet warm and dry in the snow. They don’t work great if it’s pouring rain so either don’t run or just wear normal running shoes if it’s really wet out. At least they made the rider 21 GTX shoes a normal color - the rider 20’s came in lime green (men’s) and bright coral (women’s). I’m still deciding if I’m going to buy these since my Rider 20 GTX shoes still have plenty of miles left on them.

These are on sale on Mizuno’s site for the same price (some limit on sizes available) depending if you get free woot shipping or not… https://www.mizunousa.com/product/running-wave-rider-21-g-tx-mens.do with a 10% off code “CAUSE10” brings price with shipping to $69.90.