Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout

Plenty of Reviews over at HSN

The most important question: can you hang clothes on it? If so, it will fit along side my Gazelle and Nordic Track.

Look at the ad for the normal Wonder Core:

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I have one of these and like it so much that I just ordered another one. I paid full price on Amazon not too long ago and for an As Seen on TV product, the build quality is excellent. If it’s on Woot for such a low price and no longer Sold By Amazon, it will probably disappear and I want to have an extra in case anything happens to mine.

As an older gal, incorporating push ups and sit ups into my workout routine is something of a challenge. This provides just the right amount of support to enable me to do them, yet it does not do the work for me. The arm exercises are something I use this for too, as well as “cycling” while watching TV. It’s very small and folds down to such a degree that you don’t even notice it in the corner.

I am really a huge fan of this item and typically ignore As Seen on TV products because most of the time they are a great idea but so cheaply made that they don’t last. This one is definitely not in that boat.

Lmfao! You beat me to it!