Woodenhead Vintners 2006 Martinelli Road Old Vine RRV Zinfandel - 2 Pack

Woodenhead Vintners 2006 Martinelli Road Old Vine RRV Zinfandel - 2 Pack
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PRODUCT:2 2006 Zinfandel, Martinelli Road Vineyard Old Vine, Russian River
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looks to be a 91 point twofur based on community average pricing.

Looks like these are selling for $45 a bottle on the winery’s website. Good deal.

Dare I ask what’s the drinking window on this?

I wonder how this compares to the 2006 Chronicle Zin, also made from RRV old vine Zin???

It appears that you do! Oddly, for a Zin, the blurb suggests it’s better celared, which is rare for a Zin already 5 years old. This might be because of the remarkably high acidity.

The statistics are remarkable, so I shall remark upon them. Look, >.7 TA and 3.45 in a Zinfandel! This is pretty high acidity in both measures, especially for a red, despite the Zin-typical high alcohol in the warm year of 2006.

I’d like to know if there’s any hint of heat on this, or whether the age of the vine makes this a classical, layered, structured kind of wonderful beast. Will it go with food other than ribs, steak, BBQ etc, which I notice are generally the pairing hallmark of alcoholic, spicy winemakers. At $30 a bottle for the usually easy ripe, spicy and jammy Zinfandel, I should think so. As I can get spicy rich ripe easy drinking Italian Primitivos (with some nice acid) for way under a tenner (in Europe, sorry folks), my criteria for buying Zin I want to look for Zins that add something rare to my tasting experience.

Caveat: I did discover that the 08 Redemption Zin was amazingly blackcurrantly jammy, and hot, in an unashamedly new world style and while I’d never drink it with dinner, it was delightful and my pals loved it. I’m now definitely - at the other extreme - sold on stupidly alcoholic deeply jammy Zins if they are well made!

All great points Richard!

I recently cracked open a bottle of 2006 Scott Harvey Zinfandel Old Vine Reserve, and it was wonderful. Not a high alcohol fruit bomb, but a warm, hardy Zin with finesse. I’d love to see the 2006 Chronicle Zin make a comeback here, but as I understand it, it’s gone, never to be seen again. That makes me sad.

Is this Martinelli’s first appearance on wine.woot? Glad to see WineDavid connect us with a house somewhat esteemed for Zinfandel. Wish more Zin showed up on WW.

Remember folks, the annual big Zinfandel event put on by ZAP is fast-approaching in January. Google can tell you more about it! Never been but have long wanted to traverse the 3000 miles that keeps us apart and to take delight in sharing the passion of Zin lovers.

Actually, it would be nice if WW had a presence at ZAP’s annual big celebration, or better still, capitalized on the January event by offering us some stars from the fesitval here on WW.

We’d then have some delicious offerings here on WW, and the reciprocal p.r. would benefit WW, ZAP, and wineries invested in Zin.

I’m not fond of Scott’s Zins, except for the 1869. I don’t like his Teutonic penchant for doctoring [edit] many of his red wines with other stuff, like Port. However, others don’t mind that, and the basic wine itself if excellent.

I keep on seeing Chronicle on invino, or similar sites, though that may be other varieties.

smartheart: ZAP?

More ZIN!!! YAAAHHHH!!! I’m in! You know it! THANK YOU THANK YOU WOOT! Almost every time there is a Zin I’m getting it. :slight_smile:

The 1869 is a wonderful bottle I covet in the cellar, next to the single 2006 hidden away with them.

ZAP http://www.zinfandel.org/
Good times, great Zinfandels at ZAP’s annual Festival. See you in San Francisco!

I have picked up several of the Chronicle wines - mainly the Pinot Noir when Ted Lemon was the winemaker. Ted makes beautiful Pinot and has a rabid following for his Littorai winery. The Chronicle - Cerise Vineyard which Ted has a Littorai offering of the same is outstanding.

I don’t believe Scott’s Old Vine Reserve Zinfandel is anything other then old vine Zin (no port or anything like that for sure). It’s an old school/style Zin, not a bombastic fruit grenade.

Lately the Chronicle on invino has been Pinot Noir.

Living 40 minutes from SF, I think I may well go to ZAP this year, although the thought of hordes of people, and long lines to taste Zin are unappealing.

You must have missed the Wine.Woot! Photo Both last year @ Zap

Morning! This is drinking fantastic right now, a very elegant style Zinfandel. However, I would love to taste again in 3 or 4 years after cellaring…

Thanks for the great responses. Yes the wine should cellar for at least another 6 years. and no heat to this puppy smooth as silk!

…love, love, love Woodenhead. Great Zins and delicious Pinots as well, not to mention a deck outside the tasting room with a fantastic view looking down on the vines. One of my regular Sonoma tasting stops.

Greetings folks, Zina here at Woodenhead checking in. I am enjoying a taste of this delicious Zinfandel right now! Nik said silky and it is very smooth. I am pairing it right now with a soft ripened cheese topped with walnuts and dried cranberries. Yum.

Thank you so much for the love! Zina