Woodland Rescue

It looks like the bird is trying to keep it on its back.

I wonder what the turtle did to the bird

That’ll teach you for joy riding around the forest, Mr. Turtle.

Some very determined woodland creatures. Bet you the bluebird is hoping that’s really a tail he is pulling :stuck_out_tongue:

In for one. Hope to see a satanic version that would do cartman proud around Christmas.

Congrats!!! You should have let me in on this design :slight_smile: See that blue shade on the map in Cali… yep thats me :slight_smile:


Love it! I looked just like that when I tripped and fell while backpacking. Wish the woodland rescue team had been there then.

I’m pretty stoked to see this print! WOO. EAT THAT CUTE HATERS /evil laugh.

Congrats, ochopika :smiley:

great team effort with perhaps not the best awareness of physics, but darn cute.

As for the shirt, also known as They See Me Rollin’ Part II. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d buy it if it had a penguin, too.

“Penguin” and “woodland” don’t quite go together…

Wouldn’t this break the turtle’s neck?

Nah, the turtle can retract his head as soon as he starts to tip over. Right now he’s wiggling it to get some momentum going. See, he’s helping! :^)

Congrats to ocho’.

This looks more like a favor,and a nice one at that, not a job. The Editors picked this cuz they knew they’d sell a ton of cute shirts. Foul, I say, Foul!

Hmmm… remarkably similar to an episode of Peep and the big wide world I saw the other day.


That was my very first thought…ha!

Why does the rabbit look mad? It doesn’t look like hes straining, he just looks angry, am i the only one that sees that?

I agrees. not even seeing anything all that difficult involved. Sure, they might need a longer lever, but yawn, there ought to be something in the forest that’ll work.

Thanks to the editors for picking my design. I was pleasantly surprised for sure!

Thanks, Spiritgreen!

I wanted to make the job of “woodland rescuer” look tedious and annoying. I have a friend who is an EMT. From what he tells me, it’s definitely the worst job ever at times. Of course there are moments that make it the best job ever, but he likes to talk about all the awful and ridiculous things that happen.
I figured that small animals wouldn’t be very coordinated, hence the bird messing it all up with his feeble understanding of how levers work. I wanted them to all have the feeling that “this is not gonna happen”.

Anyways, I hope that clarifies my design-reasoning a bit. Thanks to everyone who supported this one!