Give a hoot; don’t pollute.


Does he hang out with flyer Rick very much?

That is a very knowing look

Anybody else think of these two?

Owl betcha this design will sell a lot of shirts.

Shouldn’t Robin Hood, be a:

oops I meant

Robin Hoo’ed.

Let’s not forget South Park’s rendition Mkay

Looks like a pretty blatant ripoff of Ryan Berkley’s style.

No thanks.

You’re very creative. I’m not seeing a ripoff here.

I agree. Besides, I totally invented animals wearing clothing.

yeah, because anything with an animal head and some form of human dress must be a ripoff… :facepalm:

Best owl name ever - Fernando Owlenzuela

I bet @Oakenspirit will buy a thousand shirts of this design. That guy loves his owls!!! :slight_smile:



Yeah. That’s exactly what I meant. Thanks for generalizing for me. Clearly I meant that all of the other images people posted of animals wearing clothing are ripoffs of that specific style, too, because they all look alike, don’t they? Gold star for you.


How many actually remember this or were even alive then?

I had vague recollections of him, so I looked it up, he was still going strong in the 80s, it says! So I can officially say, yes, yes I was alive!

/Creeps out of the woodwork…


Is that the delightful scent of AN OWL … AND HILLARY WHITE…

Be still my heart…


Love this- Yeah, I’m buying a few- my kid needs one too-