Wooly Bully

Seriously? This woot-off is killing me.

If I’d realized I could sell five dollar cat toys for forty bucks, I’d have been rich years ago.

Or road kill on a string.

From the thumbnail I thought it to be some redneck mistletoe mullet looking thing. Maybe its time for bed.

I thought it was a target. It’s not a target? It’s the bait? Well what’s being targeted? Will it work on my neighbors cat…the one that poops in the lettuce bed, not the nice one?

And yes, my neighbor goes in my garden.

I’m glad this one has realistic whobblin motion, as the last one I bought was pretty unrealistic when it came to a-whobblin.

I think I’d do more than shake this at my neighbor if he went in my garden… Especially in my lettuce.

This should have been bundled with the fishing net from earlier. They would work perfect together.

I hear it works best on predators whose natural prey is dismembered moving squirrel parts that hover a couple feet off the ground.