Woot 15th Birthday Pack Again

Cuz Woot sucks.
"We’re really sorry we have to say this, but somehow, we ran out of stock on that thing you ordered. ". Keep in mind, this is AFTER I made the order, not during the process.

Has this shipped for anyone yet? Mine is still pending

Mine is still pending with a delivery date of 7/29 if that helps you

yup that’s what mine’s showing. thanks

Shipping Update

These haven’t shipped yet. We’re waiting on those lights that got held up in customs but are about to board a plane for Dallas.


you should throw in another monkey for the delay…or a BOC whichever is easier :rofl:

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never hurts to ask :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Take your time. It’s too hot to work hard. Stay hydrated. Have a popsicle. I don’t need those lights until Halloween. Thank goodness they come in a pair.


TT I think there’s a huge party at Customs all over the world!!! Everything that has been shipped international from my work is being held up… Wait!! Arree yooOuUU ALL in in cahoots??


Any Chance of a 15th birthday shirt to be added :wink: due to the wait?

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Got my shipping notification yesterday!!!

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Nice! Mine has shipped as well. But they forgot the woot hat as i just received an email saying they are sending it separately. I wonder how many other people had this issue?

Same here!! I’m wondering which 4 letter word was said about that? :joy:

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Everyone had the hat issue.

I’m missing the phone stress ball that’s not a ball.

Yup, same! No hat for me!

ALL did. :\


Mine shipped and is already here! WooWOOO! MONKEYS!!!


missing hat?

… missing phone squishy??

meh, its ok =<

Woot employees have had a hard week/month, I forgive you <3


:frowning: I’ll look into it.