Woot 15th Birthday Pack


It took me 3 years to find a source for these lights!


4 I think. Maybe 5?


I only found 4 in my desk drawer.

Thanks for not giving up on your light search. You’re the bestest, too.


You da BESTEST, TT !

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TT, if I click on the link my order history for this item the link doesn’t work. It’s missing the “-1” at the end. Just thought you should know. It works fine here in the thread but not in my order history.

So I have a question… Sadly I missed this set, and all the birthday BOC, but I haven’t seen any regular BOC. Am I missing something? Where are they being dropped?

They are also at woot-off, but called weird names.
e.g. Balance on Crocodiles

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Argh, they’ve been making a change to our URLs and it’s killing me. I’ll let them know.

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Do you know who would know?

now it’s your chance!

I managed to get a regular BoC, LE BoC and Birthday Pack.

That’s batting for the Woot cycle!


Did you also buy the autographed picture of Monte?

If so, where’d you get it?

@ThunderThighs buying this didn’t make my follow-up purchase of a BoC illegal and TO BE CANCELLED did it?

I saw it I bought it went back to see what I bought and there was a 404 error. :smile: Looking forward to seeing what is in the package LOL

If you don’t want to click the link to see the image, I’ll ended it again.

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Awesome thanks. Now I am excited :blush:


Of course it was for sale when I was picking up my from daycare