Woot! $5 Off! ... or is it?

I just received an email from what appeared to be Woot (WootBot) stating that I should change my password because I used the same email address in my Gawker account (that was hacked) that I used for my Woot Account. The email looks legit, and even has a code at the end for $5 off my next woot purchase. However, when I mouse over the link provided to go to the password change site it actually would take me somewhere else (list-manage.com/track). Well, there’s actually more to the URL than that, but it all seems very “phishy” to me, and I thought I’d give you guys a heads up. Because if it’s fake you may want to warn people about phishing attempts, if you haven’t already.

It’s not fake. If you go to http://www.list-manage.com, it’ll forward you on to an explanation at mailchimp.com, who we’re currently using for email sends like this.

How can I get a code for a coupon? I want to purchase something from the kids.woot, and have searching for a little while.

Go to my account at the top of the page and sign up for the W00T newsletter. That should do it. :wink:

Well darn then.

My email address was among the hacked but I didn’t get an email from woot or a coupon code :frowning:

I wish, I get the letter, but I didn’t get a coupon…

Oh well.

It only went to those Wooters whose email address matched those listed with the Gawker incident. No match, no letter/coupon.

I didn’t get one either.