Woot accidentally refunded me and now they want my item


I was wondering if anyone on the forums might be able to help me with this. I have recently purchased a refurbished Apple Watch on the site, and they sent me the wrong model at first, and I returned it in exchange for the right one. Now, a couple of days later, I randomly got refunded by Woot for my order And they are saying that they cannot charge me again so they will need the item back. The Watch is no longer available on the website either. They have already sent me a prepaid label. Am I out of luck here?
I have already spent a considerable amount on accessories for the device too. :frowning:
Concerned Wooter

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Hi there. I’ll check in with Cs tomorrow.


Hey there,

Thanks so much - I’ve read great things about your problem solving ability here on the site. Just to reiterate: I definitely definitely would like to keep the item as it might end up a gift to someone.

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Hi there. Chatted with CS. We’ve come up with a solution and CS will email you the details. Sorry for the confusion.


Hey there! Thank you, I saw the email, that is a wonderful resolution and I hope that I’m understanding it correctly. However, after receiving that email, I got another one shortly where Woot Support again states that I have to return the item with the prepaid label. Which is the one I need to adhere to?

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The one you’re happy about. The other one was probably answering an older contact.



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