Woot! aka "Amazon Lyte" becoming a bummer...

I like Amazon, I REALLLY do they’ve got a lot of my money! … but Woot is losing what made it special and unique.

Bag of Crap, havent seen one in a while. Woot Off, haven’t seen one in a while. Product descriptions are less exciting, copied from the other site. You have to be a Prime member to buy things on Woot!?.. please just make a new Prime category… severe miss in the impulse buying category.

And searching the ever-long list of items is welllll, not the Woot I love. Maybe Im alone on this, but I think Woot! Is becoming Amazon-lyte… a little more differentiation would be fabulous. Woot! was as close as it came to making shopping fun, for me.

Woot sold Bags of Crap yesterday and did a Woot-Off yesterday, too. In fact, they had a whole event this week with various things like a dice game, WTF deals, midnight deals, etc.

Do you get the Woot emails? They can notify you of this stuff, plus events get posted in the forums. They do them pretty often.

And, no, you don’t have to be a Prime member to buy all the things on Woot. There are Prime-specific things that you either have to have Prime for or having Prime gives you a discount, and having Prime does give you free shipping on everything, but it’s not required in general.

I do recommend you sign up for the newsletter emails from Woot. You can find that here (if you’re logged in):


So most of the things you’re looking for are still there but it seems you haven’t been seeing them. I hope the above info helps.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

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And you spelled ‘lite’ wrong.


To be fair, I didnt say “all”… its just annoying that if Im interested in something I have to be a member to buy it. I just miss Woot’s original design & character. I do get Woot emails, been a member for a long time. BTW, Im entertained by all the sales of “I miss old woot” tshirts. Thanks for humoring me!