Woot alerts/aplications for Bride of Chucky and Other Stuff


Does anyone have any idea how to receive an alert, probably via cell phone, when an RBOC is available? I get up way too early during the week to check the site at midnight every night.

The cell phone part would be easy via a text message, possibly using the phone’s email address. But how would I get an email to trigger when an RBOC is available? Is there an RSS reader that sends email alerts? Does the Woot RSS feed get updated immediately at midnight to even make this possible? Does anyone have this set up for themselves? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?



There are a variety of options, so read the thread and choose the one that is best for you.


By the way, nice haircut Flobee.


Unfortunately, even when you get the alert, if you aren’t at the site when a B.O.C. comes up, it’s almost impossible that you’ll get in on one.


careful, Crow, you won’t be able to fly if they use that on you!


Well. That sucks.


That’s a deep subject.


Oh why didn’t I see this post as an omen that the B.O.C. was coming…

As you can see… 4 minutes to sell out… I don’t think a woot alert would have helped you. By the time you would have woke up, read the alert on cell/pager/whatever, got up and walked to the computer, it would have already been gone.


Well, the Woot notifier didn’t alert me, anyway, since it was set for “bag of crap” and the post was “bag o’ crap”. I don’t know about the four minutes; I guess it depends on how long it takes for the alert to reach my phone. I think I could have the purchase done within two minutes from sleeping.


Not necessarily. You can hit server errors, et cetera, where you need to keep trying. It’s not like an ordinary woot where you just clikc on “I Want One.”


I got the notifications…not that it helped, lol.

I got two; one from http://wootalert.opensight.net/index.html and one from http://www.wootalerts.com/index.cfm?fa=main.home. The second one, just make sure you use the correct keywords, like- Crap, Random, Bag.


Guys, you do realize that you need to be logged on AND there exactly when the crap shows up on the screen? I’ve been there and still missed it. Last night I switched over at 12:02 woot time. None again.
By the time you are alerted you will be a few minutes into it, which will most likely be too late. You will just know you missed it sooner. Which, according to your state of mind before midnight will be either aggravating, depressing, or really funny.
I never used the wootalert, you may be lucky.



…and another, from your fellow wooters. Haven’t tried these, but they’ve been posted in item threads and are likely to be ovelooked.




Have to tell you, my woot alert was less than useless this time around. Never did let me know at the beginning. Always too late if it’s something really good. I’ve been trying to figure out how to cancel it.


It’s the first time he ran into an issue…probably coding changes on woot. FYI, though, from his website:

To Unsubscribe: Just send another email to wootalert@opensight.net and include the email address you signed up with. You will be removed within 48 hours.


Thanks, Gimma. It’s not just because of this woot-off, it’s just that I’m almost always here at woot time anyway.


Thanks for posting the info Gimma. I think I’m going to start up a WootAlert specific thread in the “Everything Else” forum so people have an easy place to go to for information and any questions they have.

-Russell (Mr. WootAlert)