Woot AMA (almost) - manlapig


Hey Woot Community Fam! Tis, I, manlapig, TT’s trusty sidekick on the forums. This week, TT, is enjoying a much-deserved vacation so I’m filling in. I am usually on once a week as she catches up on taking pics of dogs and finding goodies for BOC’s and App Craps so a lot of you have probably been victims of being Spongebob GIF’d (it’s pronounced GIF, not GIF) by me. Anyway, this is an Ask Me (Almost) Anything if you wanted to get to know me, the person behind the screen. Ask away!

Disclaimer: PLEASE BE CLEAN (PG-13) otherwise feel the wrath of the ban-hammer. This is meant to be fun.





My first question – would you explain your username?


It’s my last name and it was made my user on the first day I worked here… and we can’t change usernames (even for employees lol). It’s Filipino. In America it’s pronounced Man-la-peg. In the Philippines, it’s pronounced Min-lapig. You wouldn’t be able to tell i’m Filipino tho.


coke or pepsi?

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What’s your favorite item in the break room vending machine?
What item would you like them to stock that they currently don’t?

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Dr. Pepper. But if i had to answer it would be Cherry Coke.


Hmm, the vending machine doesn’t work half the time, but when it does, I’m all about the Famous Amos mini chocolate chip cookies. I wish they had Salt and Vinegar chips.

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Would you like each question in a different post?


Was this a question? :thinking:


Your choice lol but i don’t mind if you have multiple questions in one post.

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If you were a kind of apple, what kind would you be?
If you were a kind of pie, what kind would you be?
Favorite kind of penguin? (And yes, I may judge you based on your response.)
Favorite Animaniacs song?
Yakko, Wakko, or Dot?
Thoughts about the Buttons and Mindy segments on Animanicas?
Leg end or nothing? (You probably won’t get this.)
Favorite flavor of Snapple?
Least favorite character in Animaniacs?
To NY or by train?
What is the ultimate reality?
What would you do if you knew you would not fail?


Why or why not?


How do you REALLY feel about Scrappy Doo?

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  1. Golden Delicious
  2. Pot Pie
  3. Madagascar Penguins (Smile and wave boys)
  4. Theme song, because I’m Zany to the max
  5. Yakko, Goodnight Everbody
  6. I’d have to google if those were a thing
  7. Legend
  8. Kiwi Strawberry yo
  9. Ralph
  10. To NY why not
  11. the Stone Cold Stunner
  12. Be a major league baseball player, even though you fail all the time in that game.

Nooo… He said to keep it kid friendly.


I didn’t actually read his rules.

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@manlapig What do these very scientific ink blob things look like to you?

Also, I’m glad it’s your last name but I read it like “man ala pig”. So that clarification was good.

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It looks like life, hope and two baby lambs giving a high five to each other.

Also, imagine my life in school when the teacher tries to read my last name out loud… yikes.