It would seem all the woot API checkers are not functioning, including mine. I dont believe this is a banned situation, as the outage seems to be across the board.

The API is simply returning empty strings, and is html doc type.
I have tried accessing the api, and asking others to try and access the api URL (www.woot.com/salerss.aspx) and some can access while some can not.

Please advise

Looks like they’re blocking IP’s who hit them too many times…
What that magic number is, I have no idea.

I throttled my service back to less than 2times per min. Before I was at 3 times per min.

WootAlerts.com is now back online baby…
Hold tight as the woot is hitting the fan!!!

I have noticed this. Problem I have with it is that woot has either decided to ban people or delete salerss.aspx so that all the trackers which follow the rules crash and all the trackers which do not and just scrape the home page work. Makes me wish I just would have not paid attention to the rules. Guess that’s what I get for respecting Woot’s wishes. =(

Yea I agree. SUXOR.
For now, Ive solved the issue… hopefully they wont try and keep the good guys down!

So, looks like your banned… no?
Stuck on the ‘Philips VOX130 Lapel Style Bluetooth’

That’s what it is looking like. Always looking for a workaround. =(

It’s too bad that it’s come to looking for a work around. Seems like 2 years ago Woot was almost promoting woot trackers and now they are trying to shut them down. =(

Open WOOT in FireFox… works fine