Woot App Crashes - Android

I just uninstalled (v4.6.0) and re-installed (v4.6.1) the Woot! app due to issues with it crashing. I was playing a digital crap game and 2 different times with v4.6.1 it briefly locked up and then crashed at random points.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5 model SM-G900V
Android version 6.0.1


Hi there. Thank you for all the info.

Is it only crashing during the Digital Crap games? Which one(s)?

Have you restarted your phone recently?

Hello @ThunderThighs,

I hope things are back to normal or are quickly getting there in Texas.
Previously the app would crash during a WootOff at random times. Certainly makes me distrust using the app to make a purchase. Resulted in my using a laptop which certainly lags for when those BOCs pop up. That was v4.6.0 and probably a prior version as well. I am a relatively new member (April 2020) so dont know how many versions there have been.

This morning I was playing Monkey Hop and it crashed. It has previously crashed (prior version of the app) when playing the plank game (forget what that is called), and the match the cow, chicken, dog game (dont remember the name of that one either).

I have restarted my phone after the uninstalling v4.6.0 and then reinstalling v4.6.1

I just restarted my phone, tried Monkey Hop and it crashed the 5th time I played the game in the middle of a jump - ~90 seconds of playing (yeah I am not very good at it).

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

BTW in all seriousness the “personalized” experience and sense of community you and the Woot! team provides is quite unique and creates a feeling of site loyalty. Where else can I say I “know” an individual who is providing assistance or look forward to posts from certain employees or community members because they more often than not amuse me. While I believe I am compassionate and feel for people who are affected by negative events, I have also found myself specifically wondering if anyone from Woot! was adversely affected by the freezing cold recently experienced in Texas and hoping that wasnt the case (not that I wish that anyone). The Woot! experience goes way beyond any deals that may be offered. For that I thank you!

We did have a large/mass issue with the last woot-off on Android. We had to kill the woot-off due to it. :sob:

You’re on a pretty old version of Android. That may be the issue. We may not support it. Let me ask.

As to the weather, there were definitely people affected. We’re going to be in the upper 60s today and low 70s tomorrow so we’re recovering but still many pipes to fix.

My city is on water conservation because they couldn’t get the water treatment chemicals in to the treatment plant. :\

Support levels (for lack of better phrasing) for version 4.6.1 of the Woot app for android:

Min: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Target: Android 10 (Q, API 29)

So if 1 dog year = ~5-7 years (not a linear relationship), what does 1 phone year equal in human years, 50? Using. that as a baseline yes my phone is indeed ancient.

Thanks for checking into this - I figured I would inquire again to see.

Glad to hear the weather is cooperating again so recovery can progress without restrictions.

ApkMirror has a repository of every public version of the Android app for Woot.

(Not that Woot will official sanction downloading apks from unofficial sources.)