Woot App Crashes Upon Opening Home Page

Do not know where to report this, but the Woot App has automatically close the moment of opening the app to its home page. If i click on other pages such as categories or forums, the app works fine, but it crashes when opening the home page. So i cannot see any thing that is listed or announced such as not able to participate in Woot Off, etc. This has been a problem for a week now. Google pops up with a message to report the problem, but nothing is updated to fix this problem for a week now. I think there is something wrong technically at Woot in setting up the home page.

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Hi there. Could you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app? And restart your phone, of course.

If that doesn’t work, could you tell me:

Device & model
OS & Version
App Version


After i posted the complaint on the forum, the problem seem to have gone away without having to do anything on my part, so your technician must have done something to correct the problem. My device is LG and is a Google OS type of phone.

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