This old wooter went to the woot! app
To get a special there one only could buy.
When he got there the woot it was bare
And he kicked himself in the butt for getting suckered in to wasting his time and vowed “never again”.

I post only partly in humor. I went after the “weekend crap”, specifically the USA ice tray … and from the sales stats, it appears it didn’t even last an hour. This ain’t the first time. If you want me to use your app, it would be nice if your specials were adequately resourced. It irritates me at the whole of WOOT! when I drag out my iPhone only to find that the item I was after was long gone. I avoid click bait … and that is what the ‘WOOT! app only’ specials appear to be.

Yeah that’s the problem with these sales in our app because it sends a push notification out which makes a bunch of people click and sometimes we sell nothing and sometimes we sell tons. However, in order to get good prices from vendors, we have to try and guess how many are going to sell using a combination of tea leaves, vegan rabbit feet, and dartboards to have enough to last at least a little while. Sometimes we get it right and there’s enough, sometimes we get it wrong and end up with bucket tons of useless crap we have to lose money on in Bâgs of Cráp and liquidation. Yuk. The good news is, the more we sell out, the smarter we will get, and the more chance there will be that we will have enough stuff because making money is awesome and making customers happy and not feeling like we are bait and switching them is more awesome. The only advice I can give is to keep push notifies turned on and ignore it when it’s junk you don’t want.

By the way, I will agree it’s bait, but there’s no real switch as we won’t make you buy anything you don’t want! But we definitely don’t deliberately constrain supply to muck about with anyone in that way. TT and team work really hard to try and balance maximizing happiness while minimizing annoyance and keeping us in the biz of offering you deals and silliness on a daily basis.

Talk about job expansion. In the past, the dartboards were only used for pricing.

It still sucks that the 8-ball got ousted after the higher-ups found out how much he was getting paid as a consultant.

I mean, like every other consultant he would only ever tell us “Reply hazy, try again” and hand us an invoice. The vegan rabbit has much more reasonable rates.

As WAJ said, since it sends out push notifications to wooters on the app, they tend to sell out faster.

We’re trying something new on the weekends and it’s hit or miss as we work out the correct inventory levels for these fun things. :slight_smile:

I found its agent:

Someone’s Lucky Day](https://shirt.woot.com/offers/someones-lucky-day)

I never seem to get alerts from the app… and have it all set to on. :confused:

and now just got one. Fancy.

I get push notifications from the app, but it never loads past the initial splash screen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no success. Trying to run it on a Droid Turbo 2.