Woot bags

How often do they put it up? What do they look like? And when they come to you in huge sacs or something? Because I heard that someone got a big mini fridge…

Sorry if this was already posted, I don’t have much time to search.

Thanks guys.

You clearly expect others to do everything for you.

Are you two years old?
Because then I’d say you type really well.

“Your mom is like a television even a two year old can turn her on.” <–That was my favorite your momma joke back in the day.

heard it a lot, did ya? :^)

Wow guys, good responses. Just answer his question. Lol

Having one during a woot-off was a first…and it came a few weeks after the last one. Usually, it’s every three months or so…or whenever the wootgods decide they have enough crap. Here’s the recent blog entry: http://www.woot.com/Blog/BlogEntry.aspx?BlogEntryId=663