WOOT bait and switch!

paragraph 02
WOOT advised me to return it. I had to go to a UPS store to ship it back, difficult for me as I am disabled and cannot walk. They said they could not replace it as they are still being offered for sale. So I should just buy another. I really didn’t understand the logic in that but following their instructions I bought another Virtuis keyboard with the programmable keys and back lighting. The new keyboard arrived today. It was another Ionia just like the one I already sent back.

paragraph 01
I bought a Virtuis keyboard last week. It offered great features like programmable keys and back lighting.
I was disappointed to open it and find an Ionia keyboard with none of the advertised features.
This is so disappointing that it changes my entire feelings about WOOT. It appears they are advertising a product and replacing the sale with a cheaper knock off. Stay clear of buying stuff until this is solved.