Woot! BOC Miniblock Set

Woot! BOC Miniblock Set

These should come in BOCs


guessing this might fool several takers

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especially since it is 9.99 :rofl:

Almost got me!

Still waiting on “3 for $0.99 get these the hell out of our warehouse (a la Woot-Opoly)” pricing. lol

I should buy one. It may be the ony BoC i get today :smiley:

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you should, THAT’LL fix Woot! You show 'em.

i just want a woot hat🥺

definately almost got tricked haha

Almost fooled me!, but unless this comes with a BoC… My hope knows few bounds!

This isn’t my first rodeo…

…if it was $4.99, maybe.

It’s actually my second! Totally got fooled the first time.

fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.

I like to get these to give as gifts to friends who fail to get the real deal.

with friends like you, who needs enemas?

Supreme disappointment!!! I thought it was a real BOC. Wasted $10… Would’ve been wasted on a BOC as well I guess… Gonna have to try for another!

If that posts next, I’ll buy one.