Woot BOCs helping out for midwest flood relief..

Just passing on a ‘thank you’ to woot for the years of BOC collections that I have been hoarded as they played a part in the Nebraska/MidWest flood relief.

My sister and brother-in-law were running a charity bingo session Sunday to raise money for flood relief and collect cases of water to help out the many towns that are still borked from the floods.

I was casting about what I could help to chip in and came across my ever fluctuating BOC hoard in my closet. Out went 10-15 screaming monkeys from over the years, a plethora of colorful bags of “don’t touch my crap”, and a few other riff-raff items. Even the Alien from January was given up in the name of charity.

All and all $1400 were raised and about 75 cases of water… a small part in due to my years of BOC purchased from woot.

A tip of the ol’ Disappointment Hat :smirk: to you all providing the craps that I snagged that went into this!


That’s awesome!


I love it! Thanks for sharing!!!


You’re a better person than I am! Good Work!

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