Woot branded poly dice?

I came across Arb’s flirting with the idea of their own branded poly-set of dice. Weird collector part of my brain kicked in and would like to see them chuck these out to the masses.

It got me a think’n, this may be an avenue for woot… I mean we gotta lot of weird folk in the forum, and buying rando things why not dice?

Maybe the d20 20 side is a BOC, a d10’s 10 is the woot exclamation point, and a d6’s 6 is mortimer’s face, and a d4 has TT’s avatar on there.

Well… damn. Now I may switch from 3d printing for a bit to dice making. #ThanksWoot


That’s pretty awesome. Other ideas for what to put inside or print on a side (the latter being cheaper and we’re cheap).

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I am thinking…

  1. Magic 8-ball die… To help you make decisions, gear them all to woot
  2. Conversation heart candy die… You can have a whole set, Kind, Crude, Sarcastic, Passive Aggressive and Friend-zone.
  3. Story Die. A set of Dice that you roll in a specific order and they will give you a prompt for writing, drawing, or creating in general.
  4. Reply Die. Not sure how to respond to a post, let the die tell you what reaction of emoji to use!
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Wow… that was an intensive dive into it all.

Given my current setup and resources I am down one pressure pot so that means no clear dice or dice with funny things embedded like mini BOCs, spiders, or tiny motherships.

My Ender3, while a fancy printer, leaves layer lines being FDM. To get rid of them would be a large amount of sanding, filling, and sanding some more to get a clean surface but that’s excluding the issue of clarity in the numbers or any emotes or icons on a side. Really this is a job for a resin printer, and that’s not in the budget or current self prescribed chemical safety guidelines for my abode in winter.

Cest la vie. I was a fun idea, but I still may give it a go with trying a few FDM prints to see how clear I could make it.

YES! I think woot goes best with ‘fuzzy dice’, worn on your rear view mirror or as a wonderful necklace fashion statement.

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I think woot is more of a “truck nuts” kinda site than a"fuzzy dice".


Gotta have banana(s) - pretty much could use the woot emoji’s as an idea guide:
:w_banana: :w_bananas: :w_boc:
:w_light: :w_happy1: :w_happy2:
:poop: :exclamation:

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If we’re offering up ideas for Woot branded products, I am a playing card collector from way back when. I’d so buy a deck of Woot cards…

Back when shirt.woot had the shirt-of-the-month subscription boxes, they did have playing cards made.

A full on standalone card game, I don’t think that’d be feasible. Not only will the development take a lot of time (game play, artwork, etc.), but the setup be very costly too.