Woot Brewthday Coffee, 2lb Bag

Woot Brewthday Coffee, 2lb Bag

Happy Birthday, woot!! :cake: :cupcake: :ice_cream: :bacon: :wave:

Is there really only 6 hours left to buy this?

It means there’s a Woot Off. It will be replaced by Woot Off items.

Probably very expensive frozen meat.

This will get delivered right around my birthday. Happy birthday to us both!

What’s the roast?

Trump Roast… Pale & Bitter

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If it’s a Trump roast it must be GREAT! I’m in for 4 (more years).


Seconded; origin et al is great, but the photo makes it look like they roasted the hell out of it (and not in a good way). Need to know the actual roast level before pulling the trigger.

Not just the roast, but WHEN it was roasted.

No origin info, expensive and it’s a dark oily Vienna roast.