Woot Brewthday Coffee, 2lb Bag

Woot Brewthday Coffee, 2lb Bag

If only this came in decaf. I’d buy it for the monkey on the bag.

First BOC (bag of Coffee) I’ve purchased from Woot!

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Trash deal. Nobody wants it, hence why it’s still here…

A roast date would instantly sell me on this coffee.

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this is either really bad coffee, or just super overpriced average coffee. shows up regularly and never sells.


2.5 lb bags of Starbucks coffee are $17.98 at Sam’s Club. This price is absurd, unless it contains CBD or LSD or something

They roast it after you buy it.

Starbucks… now we really know you’re a coffee aficionado!

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Yeah, because off-brand woot monkey coffee is definitely top of the line stuff. I was making a comparison based on what I can only assume is similar quality.

I wouldn’t use Starbucks as cat-litter.

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Roast and sit on the self for months vs roast and send to your door isnt a comparison really.


Oh man you’re so cool, will you sign my mouse pad? I drink Folgers, because I am a full grown man with body hair and no man bun. Starbucks is what popped up when I googled 2 pound bag of coffee.

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I like Starbucks and not bashing but not the best


is this actually true? if so that’s a decent price, if not then its $14 too much

Fun times in Wootville tonight.



didn’t know mouse pads were still a thing. sure, if you will stop posting about coffee.

Folgers is one of the worst offenders for the this,

New Study Finds Undetectable Levels Of Acrylamide In Coffee


wow, if this is true then i SHOULD buy it.

Calm down everyone. It’s been a long birthday but there is no need to start a coffee war.