Woot Brewthday Coffee, 2lb Bag

Woot Brewthday Coffee, 2lb Bag

You guys really missed the opportunity to put a big yellow question mark on it to make it look like a BoC


Is this roasted to order? Just trying to gauge how fresh it will be on delivery

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With the disclaimer on the end bit being what it is I wonder if I order and get it and its different from what’s printed what’s the return policy and what if I try it and it is stale or sucks (volcanic) rocks? What then? Seems I’d be out a lot of coin for nothing. So let me know. Might be in for 1 to try if it’s really good and there’s still more I might be in for 12 more. Also what the hell? Where’s the big ? to make it appear as a BoC or something?

I highly doubt it. It’s being sold by Wine Country Connect, not the roaster, Smokin’ Aces. They were selling this during the recent Woot-off too

I took a look at Smokin’ Aces website and they aren’t offering any similar Costa Rican (Tarrazu) coffees which leads me to believe this was a one-off run.

I almost bought one before I came to my senses and realized that living in a city, I have many, many, less expensive choices for whole bean roasted coffee.

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If you’re interested in other asshats like me taking guesses about this coffee, here’s the forum search results from the recent sales.


Yeah. I’d be happy to take a swing at this if they can confirm it is roasted to order. But the things you pointed out are the red flags. I love smokin aces stuff, but with all the local roasters around me (and great options online) I can’t justify the price for potentially not fresh

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:nods head:

Yes, this is roasted to order.


Thank you!