Woot Brewthday Coffee, 2lb Bag

Woot Brewthday Coffee, 2lb Bag

How on Earth do you have so much information about the coffee, but don’t have the roast level?

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Maybe it’s me but the Darkness in the title made me think dark roast. I’ve had it before and ordered again.

I’m waiting for Squid Ink to reappear. It’s been maybe 6 months?

It looks fairly dark to me but it is Smokin Aces so i’m in. Man it’s been a long time since I checked Woot :frowning:

Welcome back!

FWIW, I ordered it back in July - different bag, but same description - and it was more of a medium roast and very good. Got my order in.

Why is the label on the bag in the photos and the description completely different?

Good catch! Flavors on the bag aren’t the one in the description! I know I’ve had it before and I’ll like it, but excellent point!


Can we get a Woot comment on this? I don’t want to order something and get something else…

Hi there. Sorry for the mess up. We’ve ended the sale. The images were incorrect. CS will likely be contacting those that purchased. If you have questions, reach out to support@woot.com.

TT you’re still here!
Suggestion to send back to wd - make this 2x 1lb bags. It’ll last longer!

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UPS lost my bag… :frowning:
Are there anymore left? FWIW, I put a claim in with UPS and called Woot CS.